Property Rights

Property rights are the foundation of ALL rights.

I believe strongly in personal property rights, and oppose the use of eminent domain except in the most extreme circumstances. Property rights are the fundamental basis of all rights, because, in the simplest analysis, our own lives are our first and foremost piece of personal property.

I oppose and will seek to revoke the changes to eminent domain law enacted in the 2010 legislative session’s SB81, which made it more difficult for a property owner to protect themselves from government land grabs, by making any person objecting to the offered price in an eminent domain action potentially liable for the state’s legal expenses in any lawsuit.   This is an act of tyrannical intimidation, and completely unacceptable in any sensible society. I will fight for its repeal. And I will fight to limit any and all uses of eminent domain.

Eminent domain should be the last resort in any property transfer, and should be used in only the most extremely limited circumstances.  Instead, governments and the politicians who they are made of – Democrat and Republican alike – have turned it into a tool for social engineering.  It’s time to just say no.


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