I support a diverse energy portfolio nationally. Excessive dependence on any one or two forms of energy is a bad strategy.

A free market instead of our current system will create more energy diversity — but a free market demands that we end subsidies which give preference to certain types of power. These subsidies are virtually always given in relationship to the campaign donations and gifts given by the industry. It is not the job of the government to pick winners and losers.

The Blue Castle nuclear plant project near Green River is a for profit proposal. I oppose any government subsidy that might be offered – if the proposal was solid it wouldn’t need any subsidy at all!  In the current economic climate, there is huge demand from investors for good investments that will pay above average returns. If this plant has the potential to be even 10% as profitable as the proponents claim, they should have a line of investors a block long eager and willing to invest private dollars. There isn’t a line – which should tell you everything you need to know about the legitimacy of the project.

That they don’t have that line points to this as being just another proof of the simple way to tell a boon from a boondoggle — if it’s a true investment, there is private money available. If it’s a boondoggle, the proponents go to the government with hat in hand.

Likewise, the government should not be designating water to this project. Let Blue Castle purchase water shares on the open market, so the money goes into the state treasury, not out of it.

Nuclear power may indeed have a place in our future energy program. But it is already a proven means of power generation, and does not require or need government subsidy.

I will not waste your tax dollars on expensive boondoggles. Ever.

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