Personal liberty, coupled with personal responsibility, is my platform. The fundamental purpose of government is to protect and preserve our individual liberties – every other function is secondary to that. Whenever and wherever possible, I seek to expand personal liberty and restrict government authority, because we are not the property of the government – government is the property of the people.

  • I will seek to reduce taxes and reduce the size of government, not simply fight to slow their growth.
  • I will fight to protect the rights of every person – even those whose choices I may not approve of.
  • I will hold myself to the highest possible ethical standards.


Schools:  I recently received a survey from the Utah Education Association, an advocacy group which is one of the forces behind the Our Schools Now initiative to raise taxes to increase school funding. Now, I figure there’s no way in the world they would ever endorse me. And I suspect my answers to their questionnaire won’t even be seen by most of their membership – they’ll get tossed aside quickly. But that’s OK – I’m not running to represent ANY special interest, I’m running to represent the people of the 72nd District. Voters here are the ones who need to see UEA’s questions and my responses – and you’ll find them all here.



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