Coming soon, links to sites where you can read my answers to many different policy questions.

A selection of links to Libertarian and Libertarian-leaning websites, plus some relevant information sites:

  •  The home page of the Utah Libertarian Party
  •  The home page of the national Libertarian Party
  •  The Libertas Institute, advancing the cause of liberty here in Utah. Especially useful is their annual Legislator Index, which you can find here.
  •  Members of the legislature rated on their voting record on issues of liberty
  •  The current home of Gary Johnson, former two-term Republican governor of New Mexico and 2012 Libertarian Presidential candidate
  •”  The Seven Vital Principles of government, by former Libertarian Presidential candidate Harry Browne
  •  An association of Americans who want to see Constitutional rule be the standard, not the exception. Too addicted to the Republican brand of socialism (“We take your money and give it to our donors!”, but some of them are learning that the national Republican Party does not want them or their devotion to liberty. Once they figure out that the Republican party’s corporate sponsors have no interest in financial freedom for citizens, maybe they’ll be ready to do some good.
  •  I’d love to see the Utah legislature voluntarily adopt their own realistic ethical standards – but as long as they refuse, which they’ll do as long as Utah is a one-party state, I support waving a brickbat. Of course, the best ethical reform is to throw the bums out! Unfortunately wrong on Count My Vote, which doesn’t really address ethics anyway.
  •  The constitution of Utah.  Have you read it?
  •”  Want to know what every government salary paid in the state of Utah is?  All that is here, plus other frequently useful info