Ethics Reform

The best and most effective ethical reform is to elect people who will clearly state and then uphold ethical standards!

When it comes to campaign donations from corporations and special interest groups and their lobbyists – I haven’t taken any, and I won’t. Period.

My vote is NOT for sale.

We need representatives who will represent the people, not corporate donors.

Further – government records must be transparent. I will fight to make sure you, and every government watchdog, has access to any and all government records. If any legislator or other office holder is afraid they will be embarrassed by something they’ve done or said, maybe they need to think about the things they do and say rather than trying to find ways to keep you from finding out about them.

See my Donate page for more about my stand, and links to my and my opponent’s Campaign Disclosure Statements.  I think you’ll find mine looks a lot better.

Look, you don’t need someone to tell you what is right and what is wrong. I don’t either. For some reason, our legislators think that they’re above any standards. But you – we – have the power to change that. Vote out those who won’t uphold standards. It’s simple.


My other positions:

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