Your donations are appreciated!

Campaigning can be expensive, and I welcome your donations.  I have accepted no donations of any amount from any special interest group, lobby, political action group (PAC) or corporation, and will not. Further, I pledge to return any contributions from any such organization.  Thank you in advance for your support for my candidacy.

Please limit your donations to no more than $100 per household.

Go here, the Utah Lieutenant Governor’s Office Campaign Disclosure site, to see who has contributed to my opponent.  When you see the names of other politicians, you’ll want to check their disclosures, too. Utah Republicans have a habit of taking money from lobbyists, then giving it back and forth to one another to hide the source.

(Want to see my disclosures? They’re here. I have nothing to hide.)

If you want a Lieutenant Governor who isn’t in anyone’s pocket – you know what to do on election day.


By the way – that disclosure site is a great resource for every race.  Take a look and see who the candidates for other offices have taken money from!


You may use the button below to make donations via Paypal (including all credit card donations), or you may send checks to:


Short for Utah

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Occasionally the Paypal button doesn’t work correctly – if so, Paypal donations may be sent to


And now, you can donate via Bitcoin, too!


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