A few questions I am asked from time to time:
Q: You’re a “small party” candidate – am I throwing away my vote if I vote for you?

A: Could anything ever fit the idea of “throwing away your vote” more than voting for someone you disagree with just because you think they might win?  Do you honestly believe that voting for either of the two major parties, given the nonsense they both do regularly, isn’t throwing away your vote?


Q: You’ve only lived in Cedar City twelve years – can you really understand Utah values in that brief time?

A:  The town I grew up in – San Dimas, California – used to be a lot like Cedar City is now, and in fact was smaller than Cedar today when I was young.  But like so much of southern California, it transformed into a place that is hardly recognizable, with no real identity of its own.  The simple truth is that I’m not here because of an accident of birth, I’m here by choice.  I like this place.  It feels a whole lot more like home than “home” does anymore.


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