Are you ready to declare your independence?

The truth is that roughly half of all registered voters in Utah today are independents. When you consider that about one-third of those who are eligible to register to vote are not registered, it means that roughly two-thirds of those eligible to vote in Utah are not a member of a political party, and especially not of the so-called “big two” parties.


It’s time to break the stranglehold that those parties have on our government, and our lives.


And the truly sad thing I’ve learned from my previous campaigns is that a big reason so many people are not registered to vote – and why so many registered voters often stay home on election day – is that they do not trust the accuracy of Utah’s elections. Are they right to mistrust our elections? Honestly, I do not know, because frankly our systems for verification are badly inadequate. What I do know is that those two parties have not shown much interest in addressing these Utahn’s concerns.


As your Lieutenant Governor, I will be Utah’s chief elections officer. I pledge to you, right now, that I will see to it that our elections are fair and honest. We will put into place procedures that will be followed in every election to assure you that your votes are counted accurately and impartially. Every one of us deserves that from our lieutenant governor’s office.


There’s a lot more than that which can be done to bring Utah’s voting system into the 21st century, including taking action to facilitate internet voting, voting by mail, and especially ranked-choice or “instant runoff” voting that will insure your vote for the person you most want to elect to an office does not inadvertently result in a win for the candidate you least want. The technology is available to make elections better, and there is no good reason to limit ourselves to outdated methods.





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