Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

These are among the foremost rights which each of us, as human beings, have. You have the right to live without threat of violence. You have the right to live without unreasonable constraints on the choices you make for yourself, other than the equal right of others to liberty. And you have the right to pursue those things which you believe will bring you happiness, again so long as that does not violate another’s equal right to pursue their desires.

These are not “Constitutional rights”, they are innate rights to which every person is entitled. Government does not grant rights: it can only either recognize them, or violate them.

I promise you that as your Representative, I will do everything in my power to see that the state of Utah does more recognizing and less violating.


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1 month ago

One of my favorite old Libertarian slogans was always "Keeping Democrats out of your wallet and Republicans out of your bedroom since 1971". Unfortunately it doesn't work nearly as well here in Utah, where we desperately need some people in the legislature who will keep the Republicans out of our wallets!

1 month ago
Cynthia Nixon didn’t stand a chance at NY Democratic convention

Hillary Clinton says, "“We need leaders who believe in producing results and getting things done..." No, Secretary Clinton, that's precisely what we don't need. We need citizen politicians who understand the proper role of government, and know when to get out of the way.

Cynthia Nixon got a lesson in power politics at the state Democratic convention on Wednesday. Nixon spent the morning in hostile territory, insisting that her campaign has a shot against the powerf…

1 month ago
A Nation of Narcs

Every day in every way, there is one question which every one of us needs to ask himself or herself: are you making things better, or are you part of the problem?

Americans have developed a nasty habit of inviting the state into people's lives for tiny offenses. Here are three ways to turn back the tide.

2 months ago
UTA boss' severance package under review by Utah Attorney General's Office

Today's installment of "Our Tax Dollars at Work":

Fired UTA boss Jerry Benson is about to get a severance package of over $200,000 - nearly four times as much as the average Iron County family makes in a year. Why? Well, because the people who hired him wrote that severance into his contract if they were to ever fire him, and then promptly forgot it was there until they'd fired him and he asked for his money.

And now, the Attorney General's office is going to spend even more of our tax ... See more

The Utah Attorney General's office is reviewing the more than $200,000 former UTA boss Jerry Benson is getting after being fired last month, as well as other transit agency employee contracts that offer similar provisions.

2 months ago
Libertarian Party of Utah

In response to a question I asked on the Iron County Elections FB page, one of our candidates for sheriff discussed the desire to keep the pipeline of prisoners from the state to the Iron County jail flowing. (State prisoners are housed in county jails, with the state paying more than the actual cost of housing the inmates, thus subsidizing the cost of maintaining a local jail.)

We all want to keep those who are truly threatening to us off the streets. But to make sure we keep our jails ... See more

Sharing again because the problem is as expensive and easily remedied as it was a year ago. Ending the drug war will free up between 20-31% of these inmates. For the rest, we can look at other victim-less crimes as well as clearing out those in for poorly advised mandatory minimums (a la Bill Clinton).

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