Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

These are among the foremost rights which each of us, as human beings, have. You have the right to live without threat of violence. You have the right to live without unreasonable constraints on the choices you make for yourself, other than the equal right of others to liberty. And you have the right to pursue those things which you believe will bring you happiness, again so long as that does not violate another’s equal right to pursue their desires.

These are not “Constitutional rights”, they are innate rights to which every person is entitled. Government does not grant rights: it can only either recognize them, or violate them.

I promise you that as your Representative, I will do everything in my power to see that the state of Utah does more recognizing and less violating.


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1 month ago

Below is a post from my friend Nichole Love​. You would like Nichole - she's fun, she's vibrant, she cares about the people around her. My friend Dan likes her so much that they're engaged, and I'm looking forward to seeing both of them next week.

Nichole's also a US Army vet. And she's also been through Hell, and managed to come out the other side.

I wish I could say that Nichole's story is unique, but there are too many similar tales for that. I've heard them from friends and family, and ... See more

2 months ago
Utah has already allocated most of expected windfall from new online sales tax

Once upon a time, many years ago, I spent some money that I hadn't received yet. I was a young person, just learning money management. Maybe you did the same thing when you were young, it's not uncommon. We don't all start out smart about everything, but thankfully most of us are at least smart enough to learn from our mistakes. I know I did, but apparently the same can't be said for many of our current legislators.

Utah isn't different from many other states when it comes to salivating over ... See more

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah could collect another $60 million in online sales-tax revenue after a key U.S. Supreme Court decision, but most of that money is expected go to an already promised tax break for manufacturers, officials said Thursday.

2 months ago
Gov. Herbert no longer sees online sales taxes as replacement for gas tax hike for schools |

Governor Herbert's suggestion that gasoline tax be used to fund education violates the Utah Constitution. Article XIII, Section 5-6 states:

Proceeds from fees, taxes, and other charges related to the operation of motor vehicles on public highways and proceeds from an excise tax on liquid motor fuel used to propel those motor vehicles shall be used for:
a) statutory refunds and adjustments and costs of collection and administration;
b) the construction, maintenance, and repair of State ... See more

Gov. Gary Herbert no longer sees the additional online sales tax collections expected as a result of a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision as a potential replacement for a proposed 10-cents-a-gallon gas tax to help fund schools.

2 months ago

I'm looking into the possibility of getting a booth at the Iron County Fair over Labor Day weekend (Aug 31-Sep 3). The hours get a little long over the four days, so I need to see if we can generate some volunteers who would be willing to help out for a shift or two. I will certainly be there much of the time, and other candidates are likely, but having some extra folks to help hand out literature and swag, talk about our candidates, maybe do the World's Smallest Political Quiz or a variant, or ... See more

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